Harley Davidson Hillclimber
Harley Davidson Hillclimber

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Welcome To My Home Page.

These are pictures of my family's Harley Davidson Hillclimber. I'm hoping to update this site with newpaper articles and pictures from my father's motorcycle hillclimbing career. 




1934 Factory built Harley Davidson Hillclimber.

Factory built 45cu in flat head Harley Davidson Hillclimber.



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This bike was purchased by my grandfather who resided in Cleveland, Ohio. There were only two of this model built. His hill climbing career spanned the years of 1932 thru 1953. Prior to WWII most of his competition was at hill climbs within Ohio with a few exceptions like Girard, New Castle and Pittsburgh, PA. There were no hillclimbs held in 1943, 1944, and 1945.